Gallery of Happy Painted Faces

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She's not kidding when she says she "can paint anything you dream up" and her work is gorgeous! She has painted for us since 2002 and she's never been late. The parents and teens love her as much as the kids do.
The pictures on the web site were cool, but what she does in person is 100 times better! I was shocked. She comes up with designs that match people's clothes and personality. OMG! Make sure Arvis is there!!!!
Your prices are the lowest and the quality of work is the best. By far the best face painter I've ever seen!
It's refreshing to see someone keep such a friendly demeanor even after 3 hours of crazy kids. We had another type of entertainer at our last event, and the kids kept asking me, "Where's Arvis?"

Quotes are from "Follow Up Questionnaire" responses 2016.

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